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It will be awful to know that you have save money all your life for your wedding and your event organizer wanne be screw it.


In Everlast EO, we make sure that every person in charge of your event is trained to our standart service procedure. We understand the value of your wedding; that is why we make sure it is held as excellent as you expect it to be. 


Sound&Lighing design are crucial in any event. Without proper Sound&Lighting setup, you can not get the best energy to convey your ideas , mood, and ambience to suit your events.


Consult your need in any event. We are at Everlast Rentalindo provides solution to your Sound&lighting needs, in any event. Both Indoor and Outdoor.


Nothing is better than seeing your guest relaxing and enjoying the party, without worrying that they are soaked in sweat due to the heat of the sun in Equator.

Indonesia is a hot place; unless you held your event in mountains. Air conditioning is a must in any event. Make sure you got the best one to support your event. 

Our Electrical Generator ensure that your event is fully protected due to the power outage. Rest assure that your guests are not screaming when the light goes out. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​